VT Blogging Pro v3.0 Update Notes

It is highly recommended to update to the latest version of VT Blogging Pro.

What’s new:

**Theme Updater

If there’s a new update available you can see “New version available. Update now” message at the top of the theme.

Simply, click on the Update now button, and your theme is automatically updated.

Before updating, always make sure that you have the latest backup of your website. When you keep a backup of your site even if something goes wrong, you can easily restore it. And, your site will be back and running in no time.

**Demo Importer

Time-saving and easy to use. Read more.

**New Slider layout – Full width

View demo.

**Tweak WooCommerce

Minicart item in header

When WooCommerce is installed and active in your WordPress site, you can easily have a functional mini cart in your site’s header.

My Account

**Block-based Widgets

With WP 5.8 block editor was introduced to widget page. This is currently not supported by VT Blogging Pro so it causes some widget not fully function.

To disable Block-based Widgets, in your WordPress site, go to:
AppearanceCustomizingTheme SettingsWidgets Block Editor.

Toggle on “Disable Widgets Block Editor”. or Toggle off if you prefer to use Block-based Widgets.

**Added Breadcrumb

Help visitors easily navigate on a site.

Option location:
1. Customize > Theme Settings > Single Posts.
2. Customize > Color Settings > Default Colors.


*** v3.0 – Oct 22, 2021 ***
* Compatible with WP 5.8+
* NEW: Welcome Page
* NEW: Demo Importer
* NEW: Theme Updater
* NEW: Added Breadcrumb.
* NEW: Slider layout – Full width
* ADD: Telegram social icon
* ADD: Widgets Option (Block Editor or Classic widget).
* UPD: Improved Post format – Image & Quote
* UPD: Improved WooCommerce minicart in header
* NEW: Tweak Custom color (Link, Post meta, Post title)
* NEW: Tweak Blog Standar + List. Only show Post excerpt
* UPD: Tweak Slider CSS adjustments
* UPD: Tweak WooCommerce “My Account”
* UPD: Tweak Blog Post custom color
* UPD: Tweak “Back to top” custom color
* UPD: Tweak Author Image upload function ([VT] About Widget)
* UPD: Add option to display/hide Post Category
* UPD: Minor CSS adjustments
* UPD: Translation files
* UPD: Sticky sidebar script
* UPD: Remove html5shiv script
* UPD: Vafpress Post Formats UI plugin v1.5.3
* FIX: FIX slider post title (custom font)
* FIX: Pagination – Translation
* FIX: Default Link color

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