As recently as March 19, 2017, I was able to use the customizer to make custom css changes to my site by going to Appearance->Customize. Now, I’m not able to have that page load at all for me on any browser. My WordPress and Lycka Lite theme are fully up to date.

Also, as a workaround, I was trying to locate my custom CSS file, but I’m not able to see which file that code has been saved in. I checked in style.css, and style-admin.css, but my code is not there. In the debugger, it shows my custom rules coming from “inline”. I’m not able to find these in any files associated with the theme.

I would appreciate both issues being solved, if possible.


Hi @djatone,

Additional CSS in WordPress 4.7 is added with the purpose of providing users an access to better theme customization via custom CSS. The feature available on WordPress Live Customizer as ‘ Additional CSS’ which will allow users to write custom CSS and make minor styling changes with live previews. Nothing to worry about because the additional CSS feature will not do any harm to your custom CSS in your existing template.

All of our WordPress themes (both free and premium) have this feature as we always focus on making our themes simple and user-friendly.

After you switch your website to WordPress 4.7 and update the theme, the CSS that you have written in the Custom CSS field will be automatically migrated to Additional CSS field in the Customizer menu. And, the Custom CSS box in the theme will disappear so there will be a single live editing CSS field. Thereafter, you have to go to additional CSS field in the Customizer menu whenever you have to make some styling changes.



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