4 Tips for Taking a Better Typography

Tips for Taking a Better Typography

If you are an obsessive blogger working with a vacuum condition, it seems to be a surprising thing. However, it will be true when you get involved in the typography.

There are many things to do such as climbing the mountain, exploring the world, taking risks, and watching Netflix. People’s habits have changed. Typography is an art to arrange letters to create a particular impression. It belongs to the timeless art. These are some tips to do better typography.

Being A Fair Portion

There are various font designs to choose for the website. It seems to be an unserious consideration. Some may get teased to be a wild blogger with the fonts and typography.

However, you should always remember that every font added must be downloaded and translated by the reader browser. It means that it needs much more time to make your site. You will need five to six fonts in which it is sufficient to make the typography without ruining your site. It means that it has been set at a fair portion with the desired font.

Don’t Fall In Love with Luxury Fonts

Luxury fonts will always get teasing. You shouldn’t always consider it more in doing better typography.

Typography is about maxing appropriate text to the personality and a unique style of your sites. However, the most important thing is about making clean and readable texts.

If you love it, you should limit the text and brand title for creating better typography. You need to use a simple style and easy to explain for the title and low text body. It recommends you to regard the fonts to be a wedding reception table.

Using Fonts Wisely

When you want to create good typography, you should mix and match the size of the fonts. You must be generous to decide the font sizes.

Times New Roman at 12 sizes may be standard font in Microsoft Word and Page. However, when you use it for a website, you will lose more readers and visitors to your website because it is less interesting.

You must always remember that the main purpose of typography is making readable content. If your content is not readable, it is possibly unreadable.

Using a Golden Ratio for the Length of Words and Sentences

It is a general problem in typography. You may read line types in which you start to read the same line twice or more. Sometimes, it will make you bored. Furthermore, it is getting more bored when you read a very long text.

To monitor your content, you need to maintain the text line up to 11 to 14 words. You may use a typography calculator. It is recommended to use a golden ratio to determine the length of words and sentences.

Making people read your article or something written is not easy. But, you should follow these tips to create better typography. It changes the interest of the readers to read your blog and website’s contents. It is increasing the number of readers for your website.

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