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I decided today, July 5th to try one more time. I’m tired of seeing my boring blog roll without images.

I finally figured it out! and will write out the steps in case someone sees this and can use it.

While in posts, edit mode.
Click on ‘Set Featured Image’
Choose the image and click on it.
Where the image is, click on ‘edit image’
Change the size in the first box to 120 x this adjusts itself!
Right beside the size box, click on ‘scale’.
To the left you will see the newly sized image, click on ‘save’, then click on ‘back’
You are in the media library, click on the image again
Click on ‘Set Featured Image’
Click on ‘update’ to update the post.

It didn’t work for me before because I didn’t click on ‘scale’ which changes the size. blog roll looks awesome with the image showing before you click on ‘read more’ to open up the whole blog.