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I have had so much trouble logging in. I bought the Lycka theme earlier today, I had begun using the free version from WordPress and decided to upgrade, so I have an account, but when I came to make a post about an issue I had with the theme, it took me to the login and refused to actually log in. I tried changing my password and everything. Eventually it seemed to allow me to log in but I can’t make a new post, it will only allow me to make a reply.

Also. When I went to activate the premium theme in WordPress it sent me to a 500 Internal Service Error and I couldn’t access my website AT ALL. I had to go into my file manager and DELETE the theme off my website entirely. It allows me to use the preview of the theme, but the minute I try to activate it, the Internal Server Error appears. I paid for the theme but I cannot use it because it sends my site into an error I cannot fix unless I delete the theme. Why is this? And is there any fix for it? I’d like to use the theme I paid for.