Having same trouble as other users, google font links work with changing navigation font but not other areas like widget title or post title

Hi @agingerblogs,

I’m sorry that you are having issues.

for better result, can you provide the google link font?
and let me know what google font name you enter on the input box at “Post and Page Title Font Name” and “Widget Title Font Name”.



Hi – I figured it out now thank you – I couldn’t figure out the instructions at first but I got there 🙂

Hi there,
I’m also having issues updating the fonts on the Widget side in Marlin premium. Keeping the Lato font, which is the font used for Marlin. How can I change the size and spacing, for example?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Isabel,

Sorry for the delay in response. due to old ticket is not monitored

May I know which version of Marlin theme currently install on your site?
or you can provide a site url so I can take a closer look



Hi Isabel,

I notice your response to the ticket but from email directly.

Please login to support forum to update your ticket. do not reply to email notification 🙂

I paste your response here in case it helps others.

I’ve just downloaded Marlin so it’s V2.0. Here’s the link to my website:

I basically would like to revert to the old font setup, prior to the 2018 theme update, where Lato (I think)was used in the Widget title. This it lets me do, but then I can’t reduce the font size so it looks really too large.

Thanks in advance for your time!

In your WordPress Dashboard, please navigate to “Appearance >> Customize >> Font Settings.
in the “Widget Title” , you would be able to change the Font name, Font Weight, Font size, Font Style, Text Transform and Letter Spacing.

Please let me know if you have any questions


Hi Zeus,
That’s precisely the problem: I go to Widget Title, and I can change the Font, but not the Weight, the size or the spacing.
What can I do next?

Hi Isabel,

Yes, I think I found issue with the widget font size setting. but “Font Weight and Letter Spacing” are works fine. please note, not all fonts support every font-weight.
this issue will be resolved in a new update release.

for Lato font, is recommended using Font Style: Italic.

I actually just wanted to revert back to the Widget fonts as they were before the update in 2018, the new font is not very legible. Is there any way to do this?

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