Hi, I had a Marlin Lite before and really enjoy and decide to get the full version. But I don’t know why when you access my blog likewanderlust.com in a tablet portrait doesn’t work. If i change for landscape work just fine. I tried as well with the demo that it is in the oficial website and same thing happens:

Also I want to know how can I add author in each post. I have a lots of errors in my search console and i want to fix it 🙂

Thank you!

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Hi @giuliasampogna@gmail.com,

Thanks for your report and sorry for the trouble with it.
it will fix in the next update that available at Aug’02-2017.

To display/add the author (will show on each post), you have to just add user biographical information in the “Biographical Info” field on user profile edit screen as shown in the attached:

Thanks again for your support is truly appreciated!

Best Regards,


Thanks for the post, I really wish I read it earlier.
I have exactly the same problem at http://www.4040experience.com.au
Have just recently set up the new theme in Marlin paid full version, and spent a lot of effort on a custom logo.
I really hope the tablet mode will be fixed soon.
I have now deleted all the sidebar widgets which helps. The problem seems to come in with the home page, in tablet mode when in portrait only – all the installed widgets get stuck at the top of the page and are not formatted properly.
I really hope the fix can come soon as am investigating different themes and quite disappointed at this stage. A lot of users will access via tablets and the look is very unprofessional like this.
Is there any interim fix that can be suggested, perhaps with changes to the homepage?

Thank you Joe.

That´s great that you guys will fix for the next update. What I wanted is to display author together with the date. Like attached. Because I will have more people writing and it´s nice to know who did that post.

Thank you!

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