Next question…….(sorry, I’m not a website builder)

For the homepage(www.dezoetesuikertoef.nl) I used the ‘standaard template’
On the right you can see a photo and below some text.

Now I want to make more pages, when I open my ‘bruidstaarten’ page I see those pic/text that I used on the homepage, but I don’t want to see the photo/text on the new pages.
I want new pics or text on the right by using widgets.
What am I doïng wrong?

Hi @zoetesuikertoef,

Sorry for the wait.

Unfortunately it will need customization to create custom sidebar and new widget on specific page which is not in the theme features 🙁

No problem!

OOOOOHHHHH, no sidebar widget 🙁
I really, really love the look of this theme but I need different sidebars so I need an other theme.
Can you recommend a theme with a light and bright look and the features to change things?

unfortunately, we have no theme with those features at this time 🙁

Hi @zoetesuikertoef,

We have add new Faq section regarding any services, in order that you get the most out of our support forum and make your experience better.

We provide customization for a fee. Please email to support@volthemes.com if you require any of these services.

Thank you

Sorry for my late answer…
@ Zeus, I agree with your smiley……. 🙁

@ Keymaster; mail send!

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