Hi, I just purchased Marlin for my client’s website and it is taking 12-14 seconds to load! When I switch the theme to Marlin-Lite or even the WordPress default, it loads in lightening speed. Any ideas where the trouble is? (Perhaps in jquery files it is looking for?) Anyone else out there having trouble???

Hi @dianadoesdigital,

Thank you for your purchase our theme.

I’m happy to look into this further for you my friend. please provide with a site URL so that i can look further into this issue

Please note to many plugins will slow down your blog or degrade your blog performance. It will take a long time to perform an action.

Best regards,

VT Support

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your help. I did try and deactivate all of the plugins, though there aren’t that many. The only thing which helped was changing the theme. It seems like it is getting hung up loading some jquery files, but I am not 100 percent sure.


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