In Google Search Console in ‘Search Appearance’ – ‘Structured Data’ it shows I have 22 errors for the hentry markup: and
Website markup:

I am not experienced with codes. I saw that you have to ‘add’ more codes to them and if you aren’t experienced you can break your site.

I went to the support for WordPress and they sent me this, and I quote:

Please get in contact with the theme developer since it requires to make the changes in the coding.

Can you please help me with this? the last post I added ended up the same, with errors. Once fixed the errors listed go away and I won’t get anymore.

Thank you!


Unfortunately, we cannot help you with making edits to the theme to suit your needs as our support policy.

if you need some additional features OR modification in existing features then you can contact theme customization service providers like, or

our theme is developer friendly, so it will easy to modify.


VT Support


That’s what I figured, it was support who told me to contact you.

Thank you!

Hi I looked into this and find that EVEN IF, I had experience in codes etc..any work that is done will be gone with updates. This needs to be done by the theme developer so it stays permanently.

It is in Function php , and this is an example that was left:

* Remove ‘hentry’ from post_class()
function ja_remove_hentry( $class ) {
$class = array_diff( $class, array( ‘hentry’ ) );
return $class;
add_filter( ‘post_class’, ‘ja_remove_hentry’ );

I don’t even understand this at all. Once you add remove hentry to the code it’s done and permanent. Like I said, any modifications by anyone, disappear with any update.

Please help by adding this where it goes, I like this theme a lot and want to keep it 🙂

Thank you


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