I bought Marlin theme and found some difficulties in customization. I need some language changes from english because I write in polish. My site is http://www.pandastycznie.pl/

1. Is there a possibility to change text in slider button from “Continue reading” to other text (for example “Czytaj dalej”? Where can I change this text?

2. Where I can change “Read more” texts located below the every post on main page to another text (for example “Czytaj dalej”)?
3. Where I can change “Older” text located on the bottom of the page to other text (for example Starsze)?

I’m attaching an image to help you understand what I want to change.

And last thing – how can I stick the top menu (this menu with social icons) to float along with scrolling down the page?

Sorry for so many questions – I’m a beginner ^^”

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Hi @alisiek,

Hope you’re well today and sorry about the delay response.

It is ready for theme translations. You can add your own translation or customize an existing translation easily using the WordPress plugin Codestyling Localization.

Please visit the following links to learn more about translating WordPress themes:

Translation Teams



and the last thing, currently marlin theme does not support sticky/floating menu.


VT Support

Thank you very much 🙂

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