There is a UA number code showing up in the left-hand corner of my website. I have checked with Google Analytics and with BlueHost, but they say it is embedded within my theme. Can you please tell me how to remove it.


Thanks for getting in touch with VolThemes Support.

The lycka-lite is only can be download on WordPress official which is have passed reviews. it’s a rigorous review. so it’s impossible for us to add another code that not related to theme function it self. like Google Analytics.


That does not help me. Why is it there and where do I need to go to find out how to get this code off my website?


You may need to re-download and reinstall the theme from official WordPress

and let me know if this work for you

VT Support

Okay, I understand that, but how do I re-download and reinstall the theme without losing my current website content? Is there a link I can go to that will walk me through reinstalling my theme? Thank you so much for helping me!

How do I re-download and re-install my lycka-lite theme without losing my content and formatting? Apparently this is the answer to the UA code showing up in the left-hand corner of the website.

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