Yesterday I updated the Marlin template to the latest one. I see that is very slow to load images, although I am using AMP. This is true for computers and mobile devices as well. Another mistake is, that there is a square in the highlighted images on the top. The speed of Internet is OK.
I note, the WordPress is also the latest one: 5.2.3, and the PHP version is 7.3.9. These problems occurred after the template was updated. Could you find some solution to these errors?

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Hi @szilandi,

Thank you for updating to the latest version!

We’re sorry, do you by chance have a cache tool operating on your WordPress?

The square in the highlighted slider images is not an error 🙂 we redesign the slider as we mentioned on update notes.
if you want to remove it, you can pasting custom css below to “Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS”



Hi Zeus,
Thank you for the advices. About the slowdown: It turn out that AMP did not work although, it was turn on. After the upgrade the AMP is not work in Website and Reader mode, but it work in Transition mode. So the slow loading problem is solved.
The rechecked URL is free of unaccepted validation errors. -And I do not change on the settings of the slider. Hello.

Hi, Zeus,
I just want to told you, that slowdown is again experienced. Therefore I restored the Marlin 1.06 version, and now my website is fast again.

Hi @szilandi,

Thank you for your feedback.

Marlin v2.0 error-free w3 validation. If you find any errors validation, please check from the origin of the source. usually from the content or widgets.

We’re sorry, but we cannot support Third-party plugins and that are not related to our products directly/ as our plugins recommendation with the theme.

a new version is implemented with “lazy load” function. it helps save time in the initial loading.
it doesn’t mean things load slower, this function is to cut http requests and full loading time and
it can increase visually complete time and start to render time.

However, in the next update we will adding option to disable lazy load function. for some user, this function might not be needed.

Thank you


Thanks for the response.

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