Hello, can the product’s category support sidebar? For example, there are three products in each row on the left, and the sidebar on the right is the same as that of the blog

Hi @wanglei,

We have included these features in the next version 🙂
you would be able to Display or Hide sidebar on Shop/product page. there will be a different widget for Shop sidebar so you can add any widget to display on Shop page.

We would be releasing VT Blogging Pro update within the next day or two.

I will make sure to update this message again as well with your previous ticket once the update released.

I appreciate your patience.


Hi @wanglei,

We just release the latest version of VT Blogging Pro. you should receive the email notification from our system.
now, you would be able to use sidebar and custom widget for shop. please update

Please note: if you active sidebar shop, you need to use Fullwidth Page template for “Cart” Pages.

That’s it! We hope you love it

Thank you for your patience


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