1. how to make mobile menu sticky? Theme settings are set to make the menu sticky, but it works only for laptop version.

2. how to translate or remove the word ” MENU” in mobile menu? i’ve tried Loco translate but the theme doesn’t contain this word. Also how to make mobile menu button a little bit bigger?

3. How to translate “About the author” phrase into my language? Loco translate can’t find this line anywhere

4. how to remove “0 comment” section? i guess some additional CSS is needed

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Hi @andygoldred,

1. To make mobile menu sticky on small screen, you can copy & paste custom css below to “Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS

2. To change the word ” MENU”, you will need to edit global.js file inside theme file.
/vt-blogging-pro/assets/js/global.js – Line 53, you will find

Change text Menu text on label:'Menu' to your desire text.
or if you just want to hide the text, use:

the menu button cannot resize.

3. You’re right. sorry about that. we will fix it in the update

4. If you want to hide “0 comment” text, you can use custom css below.

or if you like to hide the rest section, you can use custom css below

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1. works, but you forgot to put a second rbrace
2. works
4. works

will be waiting for the update, thanks!

Thanks for the correction 🙂

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