VT Blogging Documentation

Quick Setup Guide

To install your new theme you must have a working version of WordPress* already installed.
For information on how to install the WordPress software, please visit WordPress Codex – Installing WordPress.

You can install VT Blogging WordPress theme through your WordPress dashboard, like you would do with any other WordPress theme.

Quick Installation

1. via FTP: Upload the theme folder to your “/wp-content/themes/” directory.
2. or via WordPress: Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance -> Themes. Click ‘Add New’ theme and upload the ‘vt-blogging.zip’ file on theme package.
3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

In case you are new to WordPress, you can find instructions regarding the theme installation in this tutorial: Using Themes in WordPress.

Quick note

  • This theme required WordPress at least 4.1+. It’s highly recommended that you have the latest version of your WordPress installed.

Set the Menu

1. Go to “Appearance > Menus”
2. Select “create a new menu” at the top of the page.
3. Enter a name for your new menu in the Menu Name box.
4. Select the “Pages” or “Categories” by clicking the check box next to each “Pages” or “Categories” that you want to include in the menu.
5. Click the “Add to Menu” button located at the bottom of tab to your menu.
6. Click the “Save Menu” button.

Note: if you want a new menu just click “create a new menu”, then you can move the items from the left side. At the bottom “Menu Settings > Theme locations”, checklist “Primary Menu” and “Save Menu”.

Add the “Popular Post” Widget

1. Go to “Appearance > Widgets”
2. Move/ drag the “[VT] Popular Post” widget to the Sidebar
3. Set the number of posts to show
4. Add the url of your about page
5. Select “Display post date” to show the Post date on the widget
6. Click on “Save”.

Add the “Social” Widget

1. Go to “Appearance > Widgets”
2. Move/ drag the “[VT] Social Icons” widget to the Sidebar
3. Enter the Title, Description, and social profile link
4. Click on “Save”.

Customize/ Theme Customizer

Theme Settings

You can customize Site Layout, Color settings, and more

Contact Page

The theme not included a “Contact” page template. But the theme supports the popular plugin “Contact Form 7” to easily create working contact forms with only a few clicks. Please read this to learn more: How to create a working contact page in WordPress.

Additional Features/Options

If you have followed the above mentioned steps of this documentation, you have completed the basic theme setup of VT Blogging WordPress Theme. Now you can start creating amazing content.

Image Sizes

If you are migrating to VT Blogging from another theme you may wish to resize your images first so that they fit better within the new theme. To do this, install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Get the plugin here

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