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erli is simple and light WordPress theme. Suitable for personal, blog, publishing, business and any kind of sites. Make it yours with a custom logo or header image, custom menu, background and more.

Simple but high quality

Kerli is a theme that has a high quality feel while remaining simple. Unnecessary frills have been cut out and emphasis has been put on attractive layouts and typography.

Simply easy to use

Kerli is made to be easy to use even for new WordPress users. Perfectly functional from the moment you enable the theme. You don’t have to fight with the Customizer or pages to get the theme working.

Effective customization

Kerli offers excellent customization while remaining simple. In addition 4 custom widgets and you can also set custom headers and backgrounds. Furthermore you can also modify various theme options including header, logo, layout, sidebar, colors, and fonts through the Customizer.


About kerli

Kerli is Responsive WordPress Theme for bloggers with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other ...

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